Modern Art


Modern Art aims to increase sustainability practices and policies within the gallery in line with our pledge to reduce environmental impact, as we collectively face the urgent need to mitigate the already devastating effects of climate change.

Our challenge is in how to implement change without it being at the expense of our artists and exhibition programme, and for us to understand what remains valid and important, as opposed to what is extraneous and wasteful - Stuart Shave

To achieve this, we will be regularly auditing and monitoring our activities to improve our performance, and to understand and develop ways in which we can move towards a more climate conscious and sustainable model as an independent gallery; and effect the much needed systemic change within our industry. This includes but is not limited to: reassessing our energy providers and waste management, reducing our freight and business travel; tracking carbon emissions and waste associated with air freight, and prioritising consolidated sea or road shipments whenever possible; and reusing and recycling our event and exhibition materials.

As part of our commitment, we have established a Sustainability Team’, which involves employees across all departments and levels, who are responsible for implementing best practice within the gallery. Our Sustainability Team meets regularly to discuss our ongoing findings, and solutions that will bring us closer to our goal of decarbonising and minimising waste in our daily operations and practices.

At present, this is reflected in the following:

  • We have reduced our art fair participation since 2019, in turn reducing our shipments and materials required.
  • We reuse studio packaging for artworks where possible, or reusable polythene wrapping. We also recycle all packaging that we receive, and do not use plastic bags in our bookstore, with e‑receipts as an available alternative.
  • We limit the number of printed press releases and no longer print invitations to openings, instead we encourage visitors to scan our QR codes, and to sign up to our mailing list or follow our Instagram for further information.
  • Our spaces are climate controlled by a thermostat on timer, with sensor-controlled lighting to ensure energy efficiency

We recognise that there is a lot more to be done as we are in the process of better understanding our current carbon emissions, and continuously learn from our peers and other leading industry examples. Going forward, we will continue to re-examine, adapt, and educate ourselves on being more climate conscious, and will publicly report on our activities to uphold our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Modern Art is pleased to be a member and part of the Gallery Climate Coalition’s Supporter’s Circle — to learn more about the organisation, and industry guidance on sustainable gallery practices, please click here.