Modern Art

Modern Art are pleased to announce a solo exhibition of works on paper by Tim Stoner. This is his second solo exhibition with the gallery. 

works on paper 2013−18’ includes a body of drawings and paintings on paper made throughout the past five years between Stoner’s studios in Bethnal Green, London and Ronda, Spain.
Affording a lightness and mobility, the materiality of paper serves the practical needs of Stoner’s process, as well as allowing for a shift in his subject matter. Some of these works are conceived on the move, away from the studio, akin to diaristic recollections of the specific environments where Stoner lives. Whether the vast natural architecture of the Andalucían mountains, or people inhabiting the cafés of Whitechapel they expose a complex relationship to the artist’s identity; painting as a local within his familiar urban comfort zone, or as a rural outsider seeking a different pictorial radiance within nature.
In all of Stoner’s works, motifs are arranged and rearranged, figures are drawn and redrawn, as if in search of an ideal pattern of forms with which to represent the dynamic of a landscape, an interior, or a community remembered. 

Despite their itinerant quality, Stoner’s works on paper still contain within them the methodical workings that characterise his large-scale paintings. In some cases, parts of the surface are removed so that the paper’s natural illumination interplays with the shadow of the scene, while in others, colour is used with intensity. As the rhythm of light emphasises time and season, the emotional contact with the subject is reduced into its most elemental aspects. 

Tim Stoner was born in 1970 and grew up in London. He lives and works in London and Ronda, Spain. Stoner studied at Norwich School of Art and Design (1989−1992), the Royal College of Art, London (1992−1994), the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam (1997−1998), and attended the British School at Rome (2001). Tim Stoner was the winner of the 2001 ICA Futures prize. 

For further information, please contact Alexander Glover (alexander@​modernart.​net)