Press Release
We are delighted to announce our third solo show with the Irish artist Eva Rothschild at Modern Art. The exhibition runs concurrently with Rothschild’s major new commission for the Duveens’ Galleries at Tate Britain.

Over the past decade Rothschild has earned a reputation as one of Britain’s leading sculptors. Her compelling geometric constructions employ a diverse and specific range of materials such as black perspex, mosaic, leather, glass and incense.

Whilst earlier works were often concerned with austere structures of power, her recent pieces indicate a more open-ended investigation into materials and form. Still present are the angular and reductive lines that have played such a significant role within her practice, but here they are often combined with more organic amorphous sculptures. Widely known for her black pieces, recently Rothschild has introduced an expanded rainbow palette using spray-can and ink to liberally paint the works.

In this new series of work Rothschild further develops her interest in the counterpoint between how solid volumes and open structures differently occupy and define spaces. She is also interested in examining the point where narrative and representation start to become present in generic forms. For Rothschild the questions of making are of utmost importance; how does a piece begin and end, how does it exist in space and how will it be transformed by the eye, body and consciousness of the viewer.

Eva Rothschild has been the subject of one-person shows at Tate Britain, South London Gallery, The Showroom, Kunsthalle Zurich and The Douglas Hyde Gallery. She has been chosen to inaugurate The Hepworth Wakefield in 2011. Her works have recently been included in significant group shows such as: The Carnegie International (2005), The British Art Show (2005), The Tate Triennale (2006) and Unmonumental at the New Museum (2008).

For more information, please contact Modern Art.
Eva Rothschild
4 July – 22 August