Paul Lee, Untitled, negative (blue, grey, pink, green), 2013
Mark Flood, SADISTIC pleasure!, 2013
Ricky Swallow, Single Cup (after C.B), 2012
Nicolas Deshayes Dear Polyp, 2016
Jacqueline Humphries, Untitled, 2011
Richard Tuttle, 1st Paper Octagonal, 1970
Eva Rothschild, People with Snakes, 2011
Phillip Lai, Untitled (keys), 2012
Sanya Kantarovsky, Allergies (What Little Else I Remember of You), 2014
Sanya Kantarovsky, The Master is Released: Behemoth cut himself a slice of pineapple, salted and peppered it, ate it and chased it down with a second glass of spirit with a flourish that earned a round of applause., 2015